Tim is the chief content officer of Belvoir Media Group, publishers of monthly periodicals from major healthcare centers, including Harvard Medical School, The Cleveland Clinic, and Massachusetts General Hospital. In prior roles he served as an editor at leading marine magazines, and was the science/technology/aerospace editor of Popular Mechanics magazine. Tim’s editorial assignments have taken him aboard America’s nuclear Navy, to climate change studies at the South Pole, and to particle physics cyclotrons in Siberia. He is an instrument-rated private pilot, and holds a 50-ton captain’s license from the U.S. Coast Guard.  He just completed Cry for Lancer, which sends Dasha Petrov on a frantic hunt to stop the assassination of  President John F. Kennedy.  Other books in the Dasha Petrov series include Moscow Five,  a spy ring on the verge of exposure by her KGB nemesis; Relentless, a multi-continent race to stop ex-Nazis bent on creating the Fourth Reich; and Murder This Close, when Dasha Petrov becomes the bait for Mafia hitmen plying their trade on Connecticut’s Gold Coast. Tim and his wife, Sarah Smedley, live in Greenwich, Connecticut and New York City.

A word from the author

“In The Sea Glass Murders, I wanted to take the reader on a fun romp through the seamy underside of a wealthy seaside suburbia.
            “In this case, the scene of the crime is a highbrow enclave within Westport, Connecticut…yes, home to solid strivers, but with a light sprinkling of moguls and misanthropes.
            “Our unlikely protagonist? Ex-CIA intelligence officer Dasha Petrov. Think Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple with a Russian accent.
            “She’s now retired from her secret life in America’s clandestine services. But her skills remain pin sharp as she teams with a Westport police detective and a local television reporter. Sergeant Anthony DeFranco becomes Westport’s finest as he confronts treachery in his own ranks. And Tracy Taggart brings a solidly grounded Hoosier viewpoint. She’s also an ex-Marine, which helps when the chips are down. But, like any relationship between the media and the police, there are built-in conflicts that require special handling. Can love survive?
            “Uniting the characters and driving them forward is the indefatigable Dasha Petrov. Our grand dame can’t quite leave behind her undercover life. And she’s also utterly unafraid, as we learn when the curtain comes down.
            “In a world of zombies, vampires and chiseled-out action figures, it’s time to give the mantle of heroine to an elderly woman with heart, brains and steel.”