Praise for The Sea Glass Murders

Finalist, 2021 Connecticut Book Awards

"An ice-cold killer is on the loose in tony Westport. A cop with a past, a reporter at loose ends, and an elderly Russian countess full of surprises are on the case. Cole brings them together in a crash-bang thriller that twists and turns without letup to the bloody end."
"An original mystery novel is like an oyster with a pearl in it: rare, but worth the search. Search no more. In The Sea Glass Murders, Tim Cole succeeds with an original story, an original heroine, and an original supporting cast, all the while paying due diligence to the traditions of the genre. The gaps in logic that plague so many mysteries are absent here. What is present is a jewel of a tale."
Eric Burns
Author, Infamous Scribblers, and 1920: The Year That Made The Decade Roar
"Move over Jack Reacher and Harry Bosch, there’s a new knight errant of justice in town and her name is Dasha.  A retired CIA spy, now living on Connecticut’s rich and powerful Gold Coast, she poses as a dotty old lady interested in nothing more than watching the waterfowl on Long Island Sound.  But when she teams up with an aging police detective and an ambitious TV reporter to solve a brutal murder, Dasha exposes a trail of corruption that leads to the top of the state’s criminal justice system.  Tim Cole’s riveting new novel is an exquisitely written page-turner that establishes him as a bright new star in the firmament of mystery and thriller writers."
Richard Armstrong
Author, The Don Con, and God Doesn't Shoot Craps