"...a jewel of a tale."

Eric Burns, Emmy-award winning former correspondent, NBC News. Author, Infamous Scribblers, and 1920: The Year that Made the Decade Roar

Dateline: Westport, Connecticut, 1989

Retired resistance fighter and CIA case officer Dasha Petrov has bid farewell to a career cultivating America’s spies, and now offers a grudging embrace to the simple existence of watching the birds and caring for her ailing sister. But this aging spymaster femme fatale is thrust back into action when she’s called upon to solve a murder in her own opulent backyard, home to kingpins and plutocrats at the center of American wealth and power. Unexpectedly teamed with a determined Westport police detective and a beautiful, ambitious television reporter, Dasha uses insights and skills acquired over a lifetime of global troubleshooting to find, and stop, a conspiracy of death bent on killing anyone who gets too close.  She sets a trap, and draws on long dormant talents to end the carnage that suddenly surrounds her.